Substation Engineering

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Substation Engineering

Our services include the development and approval of technical specifications, the preparation of detailed design, working documentation, and construction support for 4kV to 500KV electrical substations and switching stations. We uncover deficiencies in project design and identify difficulties that may arise during the construction and operational phases of electrical systems.

VGG provides innovative solutions for optimization and equipment expansion, and necessary upgrades, additions, or replacements in line with budget and system operation constraints. Our services include:

  • Substation Single Line and physical layout and design
  • Structural analysis
  • Bus design
  • Foundation analysis and design
  • Equipment selection, specifications, procurement, and evaluation
  • Construction sequencing and cutover plans
  • Protective device coordination studies and design
  • DC system analysis and design
  • Substation automation
  • Substation grounding
  • Coordination with the electrical utility for renewable projects' Interconnection

Code Compliance

We ensure code compliance for electrical substations. Compliance with NESC, IEEE, NFPA codes is critical to smooth construction and operation of any electrical system.

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Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure
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