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Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure


Energy Modeling 

  PV solar and battery storage sizing and power production forecast using PVSyst or SAM software.

Independent Engineering

An independent review of the drawings, specifications, & equipment will minimize project risk and construction delays. We uncover deficiencies in project design and identify difficulties that may arise during the construction and operational phases of electrical substations, distribution and transmission lines, solar & storage systems.  

Preparation of Owner’s EPC Criteria

We prepare specifications, evaluate equipment selections, review initial designs and interconnection, and prepare design criteria for use in detailed engineering. Our work starts with reviewing the detailed engineering, overseeing the work of other engineers or contractors representing the Owner’s interests throughout project execution.

Get Insightful engineering expert opinion for energy and electrical Infrastructure, high voltage T&D, solar PV, EV charging stations, battery storage, microgrids.


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Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure
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