Transmission & Distribution

Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure


Transmission and Distribution Consulting 

Our skilled specialists analyze structures and line load, and design overhead or underground rerouting. VGG understands the need to design systems that incorporate hardening and resiliency measures so systems are less susceptible to physical damage and can recover from damage quickly. Our project experience in system line upgrades and overhead to underground installations is valuable for clients pressed to meet the high demand for new lines, expansions, and hardening. VGG’s line analysis and design capabilities include route selection, pole loading analysis, equipment selection, and design engineering per NESC and GO95 code requirements. Our start-to finish involvement begins with project initialization, continues through energizing the line.  

Interconnection and Gen-tie Line Engineering

We prepare 30% electrical bid packages for variety of electrical systems including Interconnection, Gen-tie line, Substation and Solar Systems for development phase of the project into design and construction.

Get Insightful engineering expert opinion for energy and electrical Infrastructure, high voltage T&D, solar PV, EV charging stations, battery storage, microgrids.


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Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure
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