PV Solar Generation

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PV Solar Generation

Our expertise in the commercial and utility-scale design space offers high quality service for variety of solar projects ranging from 100kW to +100MW, standalone or paired with a storage system.  Led by a group of PV experts who have been involved in over 5GW of solar projects in development, engineering and construction since 2011, VGG delivers optimal design and technical support for ground mount, rooftop, canopy projects and their interconnection to the grid.

Our team of integrated, multidisciplinary professionals work hand-in-hand across regions and specialties, ensuring seamless communication, high-quality deliverables, and consistent results.

We support solar projects from start to finish. VGG’s solar engineering capabilities include:

  • Selecting solar sites and determining solar site feasibility, even on land with strict usage regulations (such as landfills)
  • Performing due diligence and development planning
  • Designing solar farm sites
  • Facilitating solar permitting
  • Providing electrical engineering and power services
  • Consulting on solar panel capacity for commercial structures

Our diverse skillset allows us to assist at any phase of your solar project, from pre-development to construction all the way through to decommissioning.

Additionally, the way we work enables us to meet the demands of any size project, from community energy projects, to commercial and utility-scale portfolios. We have the resources to meet even the most aggressive of deadlines. VGG is a proven and trusted partner in the solar industry, and we are proud to have supported more than 500 solar projects nationwide.

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Vgg systems | High Voltage, PV Solar, Microgrids, Charging Infrastructure
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